Rock Your Pregnancy,Birth and Recovery with our all-in-one Online Program.

one strong mama

Rock Your Pregnancy, Birth and Recovery with our all-in-one Online Program.

  • Train your core and pelvic floor
  • Safe + smart prenatal strength training
  • Prepare your body for birth
  • Alignment and posture solutions
  • Solutions for back aches, pelvic pain, hip pain
  • Cesarean birth preparation and recovery
  • Complete training from early postpartum
    to 4 months postpartum And so much more …

Welcome to One Strong Mama

We’re so glad you’re here.

If you want to get your body ready for birth (the smart way!),
you’re in the right place.

With our exclusive prenatal exercise program, we’ve helped hundreds of women eliminate the aches and pains of pregnancy, strengthen key
muscles for labor, and support their bodies through the challenging transition into postpartum recovery.
Because you deserve to feel strong, beautiful, and in control…
both during and after your pregnancy.

Start rocking your pregnancy with a

complimentary workout

This easy-to-do sequence focuses on every essential part of the body to
have you feeling more confident and ready for pregnancy, birth, and beyond!

One Strong Mama One Strong Mama

Make your labor & delivery
experience the best it can be

Whether you’re getting ready for your first pregnancy or preparing for baby #6, you’re in the middle of a beautiful (and crazy!) time of transition.

  • Your uterus is expanding.
  • Your hormones are shifting.
  • Your baby bump is growing.

And in the midst of all these transitions, it’s easy to feel like everything’s out of your control. (Spoiler alert: it’s not!)

Here’s the thing

Every birth is different, but you can actually stack the cards in your favor— and prepare your body for an easier birth and recovery

  • You don’t need to endure the common aches and pains of pregnancy—you can intentionally work on your alignment and protect your back, hips, and joints.
  • You don’t have to leave diastasis recti (abdominal separation) up to your genetics—you can intentionally prepare your core to prevent splitting and gapping.
  • You don’t have to “just deal with” incontinence, where you end up and peeing every time you sneeze—you can intentionally stay in control of those important muscles.
  • You don’t have to cross your fingers and hope that you’re strong enough to make it through your birth—you can intentionally develop the muscles you’ll need for contractions and pushing.
One Strong Mama

One Strong Mama

the comprehensive prenatal exercise program for mamas who want to prepare
their bodies the smart way

Our one-of-a-kind program combines restorative exercise, muscle toning, and innovative birth techniques, so that you can prepare for a positive birth experience and an easier recovery.

Learn how to avoid traditional exercises and movements that create
damaging tension in your pregnant body.

Practice restorative exercise routines that relieve
pregnancy-related discomfort—and say goodbye to achy, sleepless nights.

Strengthen your core and protect your ab muscles from
diastasis recti (the abdominal separation that creates permanent bulging).

Build key muscles for delivery and recovery (and learn how to smoothly
transition into postpartum life).

Support your pelvic floor for easier labor...and lower the risk of tearing.

We call our signature exercise system prehab—because you can avoid some of the difficult challenges of
postpartum recovery by preparing your body now. From baby-positioning exercises to a complete post-
partum protocol, this entire program is created for the unique needs of pregnant women.
So, rest assured, babe: this is about more than modified push-ups.

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Here’s what our happy clients say…

  • I'm so grateful for the One Strong Mama program, it helped make my 3rd pregnancy the most comfortable yet. This program helped me find ways to prevent further diastasis recti that I had experienced before, as well as find ways to adjust daily movements practices to continue to feel strong all the way through birth and postpartum. As a prenatal yoga instructor and social worker, I appreciated Lindsay and Lauren's focus on mindful movement, alignment, as well as their inclusiveness of all the ways we give birth.

    Margot Strahl

  • I'm a mom of three, a doula, a yoga and fitness professional with over a decade of experience, and I love the OSM program. The exercises are simple and easy to follow. But even more, they are truly purposeful, with a clear focus on building strength and function for pregnancy, birth and life. The videos and the library of information have definitely informed my teaching. And at a fraction of the cost of most professional trainings, I  now have ongoing access to an incredible collection of resources. Moms in the pregnancy year and beyond, and professionals working with this population, will greatly benefit from this program. I can't recommend it highly enough.

    Melissa Gutierrez Nelson

  • Our patients love One Strong Mama. We notice that patients who are working through the One Strong Mama program have less restrictions throughout their soft tissues and muscles. Our patients who have dedicated time to One Strong Mama, do not tend to have many complaints or favor certain positions through their pregnancies. As we continue working on balancing their pelvis with chiropractic care and bodywork, having little soft tissue and muscle tightness it makes their visits with us further apart than other patients that are in our office. We highly recommend One Strong Mama to our expecting mamas!

    Dr. Jeni Massa and Brianna Bing with Sprout Chiropractic and Wellness

  • Lindsay and Lauren's work got me through my 3rd pregnancy. Their restorative and corrective exercises are easy to do, the instruction easy to follow, requires very little equipment, and can be worked into daily movement practices. I feel stronger than I ever have and cannot recommend this program enough to mamas! You don't have to be in pain during pregnancy, be a strong mama and live well!

    Laura Pladson

  • I had such an amazing experience with One Strong Mama and would highly recommend to everyone. Not only did it help prepare me physically, but also helped me process emotionally while preparing for my vbac. I was able to have such an easy birthing time as well as recovery postpartum thanks to the movements/exercises I learned.

    Jessica Anderson

  • Staying comfortable and active my entire pregnancy was priceless. What surprised me was how it stuck with me postpartum. Even when I ended up with a baby that always needed to be held!

    Sarah Schultz

Meet the Leading Ladies

Between the two of us, we’ve birthed seven beautiful babies, worked with thousands of expectant families,
attended hundreds of births, and earned 11 pregnancy- and exercise-related certifications and degrees.
So you could say we’ve been around the block before.

Lindsay McCoy

Born into a family of Labor & Delivery nurses and OB/GYNs, you could say that birth is in my blood. Although I started my career as a general Exercise Physiologist, I shifted into the prenatal space after my own difficult pregnancy (and miserable postpartum experience). I was overwhelmed and exhausted, and felt like my body had been wrecked by the birthing process. I knew there had to be a better way.

Since then, I’ve dedicated a dozen years to training and research—and along the way, I’ve become a certified Birth Doula, prenatal yoga instructor, Hypnobabies instructor, and Restorative Exercise™ Specialist. Nothing makes me happier than helping women avoid the trauma I went through and have easy, confident, positive birth experiences.

Lauren Ohayon

As an internationally recognized Yoga & Pilates instructor, I’ve been teaching movement and training teachers for over twenty years. But after sustaining a severe injury (and learning to heal my own body— even though all my doctors recommended surgery!), I began to focus my practice on the intersection of exercise science and recovery-based training. Pretty fancy stuff ;)

Through my specialization in core issues, pelvic floor issues, and Restorative Exercise™, I help mamas-to-be cultivate balance and resilience. But, more than anything, I want women to know that they’re 100% capable of creating a strong pregnancy, cultivating the inner calm for birth, and adapting to life with little ones.

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