One Strong Mama

The comprehensive prenatal exercise
program for mamas who want to prepare
their bodies the smart way

Pregnancy is a beautiful and exciting journey…

but it also comes with a whole slew of challenges that no one ever
told you about.

You want to stay in shape, enjoy a pain-free pregnancy, and prepare for an easier birth —but you’re just not sure where to start.

So, you find yourself...

Searching Google for answers to your newest symptoms—like incontinence, aching joints, or butt pain.
Worrying about how to prevent abdominal separation that persists post-pregnancy (or heal abdominal separation from a previous pregnancy).
Trying to keep up with your old exercise routine (but wondering if it will prepare you for the unique demands of pregnancy and birth).
Wondering how you can avoid common pregnancy-related injuries, like vaginal tearing, a prolapsed uterus, or miserable postpartum recovery.
Dealing with nagging fears about labor (and secretly worrying that you won’t be strong enough to make it through the birth process).

And, in the midst of all your questions,
it’s easy to feel like everything’s out of your control.

You’re ready to start feeling
strong, confident, and excited...

(and stop having those daily freak-out moments
about your body’s ability to handle pregnancy and birth).

So: here’s what you need to know: it’s time to stop treating pregnancy like an illness.

Your body was designed to handle the challenges of growing and birthing a tiny human.

And, while every birth is different, there is a way to stack the cards in your favor—and increase the likelihood
of a pain-free pregnancy, easier birth, and faster recovery.

The three secrets?

Smart Preparation

Get key muscle groups ready for the birth process, get your baby positioned to enter the world, and get your body in the right condition for an easier recovery.

Expert Support

When you encounter the tricky challenges and transitions that pregnancy brings, you need to know where to turn for help (so you can ditch your habit of self-diagnosing on WebMD and start getting real answers).

A New Perspective

If you find yourself settling for your symptoms, choose to reframe your mindset—pregnancy isn’t an illness, and there are so many steps you can take to eliminate and manage common issues like incontinence, back aches, butt pain, restless sleep, and joint pain.

Bottom line:
With the right tools, it’s 100% possible to feel strong, sexy, and calm throughout your entire
pregnancy—because, even in the hard moments (from first trimester nausea to fourth trimester recovery),
you can choose to be in control.

Staying comfortable and active my entire pregnancy was priceless. What surprised me was how it stuck with me postpartum. Even when I ended up with a baby that
always needed to be held!

Sarah Schultz

And that’s why we created…

One Strong Mama

The leading prenatal exercise program designed to prepare your body for the unique demands of pregnancy, birth, and recovery.

Our one-of-a-kind program combines restorative exercise, strength training, and innovative birth techniques, so that you can prepare for a positive birth experience and an easier recovery.

As soon as you join, you’ll get instant (and lifelong!) access to a library of training videos and resources that will help you…

  • Exercise in a way that helps you stay strong—without creating stress, damage, or tension in your pregnant body
  • Build key muscles for birth and recovery (and learn how to smoothly transition into postpartum life).
  • Enjoy pregnancy...instead of just enduring it.
When you join One Strong Mama, you’ll get instant access to
everything you need to prepare your body for pregnancy, birth,
and postpartum.

Mama Central

Each time you log in to this personalized hub, we’ll suggest new resources and exercise videos based on where you’re at in your pregnancy. (And, you’ll always have unlimited access to the rest of the content, too, in case you’re ever in a binge-watching mood!)

Smart Pelvic Floor Training

This isn’t just about doing a million kegels—we’ll show you how to strengthen your pelvic floor and increase your pelvic-floor-yield, so that you can experience an easier vaginal birth (if that’s your choice!) and a faster recovery “down there.”

Alignment Guides

Support your changing body with simple alignment techniques (plus, protect your back, your round ligaments, and your joints from common aches and pains!).

Exercise Videos

Get your glow on with these 25-minute, prenatal exercise videos that will help you build key muscles for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum recovery.

Lifestyle Ideas

Use our collection of simple tips to manage common prenatal challenges like nausea, restless sleep, and managing daily activities with a changing body.

Core Preparation

Strengthen your core muscles and help protect your core from diastasis recti (the abdominal separation that leads to permanent bulging).

Postpartum Program

Implement the “Daily 7” recovery plan, and use our video series and complete postpartum training protocol to support your healing body, rehab your core, and re-strengthen your pelvic floor.

I had such an amazing experience with One Strong Mama and would highly recommend to everyone. Not only did it help prepare me physically, but also helped me process emotionally while preparing for my vbac. I was able to have such an easy birthing time as well as recovery postpartum thanks to the movements/exercises I learned.

Jessica Anderson

You’ll also get access to exclusive bonus trainings that will help you
get the most out of this program...
and prepare for all aspects of pregnancy!

Advanced Baby Positioning

Learn how to give your baby room to move, shift, and get into position, which can help make your birthing process smoother and faster.

What To Do When You’re Overdue

Ready for your little one to arrive? We’ve got insider tips, tricks, and advice for this period of waiting.

The Beautiful Birth Training

For those of you preparing for a vaginal birth, we’re giving you our signature birth techniques and tried-and-true pushing positions to set you up for a positive birth experience.

Cesarean Recovery Guide

Recovering from a cesarean? We’ve got you covered with this jam-packed guide on how to heal quickly (and start feeling like yourself again).

Lifetime Access

This entire program is yours forever, so you’ll be able to use our training materials during your entire pregnancy, during your postpartum recovery process, and for potential future pregnancies—without ever making another payment.

You can access every single resource from the comfort of your own
home, with our easy-to-use online training site.

Start your journey towards a

Healthier, easier birth process today

When you click below, you’ll be taken to a simple order form.
Then, once your purchase is complete, you’ll receive an email that gives you
instant access to the entire program (plus, details on how to get started).


Lindsay and Lauren's work got me through my 3rd pregnancy. Their restorative and corrective exercises are easy to do, the instruction easy to follow, requires very little equipment, and can be worked into daily movement practices. I feel stronger than I ever have and cannot recommend this program enough to mamas! You don't have to be in pain during pregnancy, be a strong mama and live well!

Laura Pladson

Meet the two strong mamas behind One Strong Mama

Meet the Leading Ladies

Between the two of us, we’ve birthed seven beautiful babies, worked with thousands of expectant families,
attended hundreds of births, and earned 11 pregnancy- and exercise-related certifications and degrees.
So you could say we’ve been around the block before.

Lindsay McCoy

Born into a family of Labor & Delivery nurses and OB/GYNs, you could say that birth is in my blood. Although I started my career as a general Exercise Physiologist, I shifted into the prenatal space after my own difficult pregnancy (and miserable postpartum experience). I was overwhelmed and exhausted, and felt like my body had been wrecked by the birthing process. I knew there had to be a better way.

Since then, I’ve dedicated a dozen years to training and research—and along the way, I’ve become a certified Birth Doula, prenatal yoga instructor, Hypnobabies instructor, and Restorative Exercise™ Specialist. Nothing makes me happier than helping women avoid the trauma I went through and have easy, confident, positive birth experiences.

Lauren Ohayon

As an internationally recognized Yoga & Pilates instructor, I’ve been teaching movement and training teachers for over twenty years. But after sustaining a severe injury (and learning to heal my own body— even though all my doctors recommended surgery!), I began to focus my practice on the intersection of exercise science and recovery-based training. Pretty fancy stuff ;)

Through my specialization in core issues, pelvic floor issues, and Restorative Exercise™, I help mamas-to-be cultivate balance and resilience. But, more than anything, I want women to know that they’re 100% capable of creating a strong pregnancy, cultivating the inner calm for birth, and adapting to life with little ones.

Sometimes, making the right choices for your pregnancy can feel
overwhelming (and downright impossible!).

When it comes to pregnancy, everyone and their mother has an opinion—and they’re not too shy to share it with you.

So if you’re feeling confused, overwhelmed, or anxious about all the options and decisions ahead of’re not alone. We’ve been there too.

But if there’s one thing we want you to know, it’s this: we’re on your side.

And we don’t want you to be confused or misled by some of the false information that’s floating around on the internet.

So, let’s start a quick round of myth-busting

Myth 1

“There’s nothing you can do to prevent _____________ (diastasis recti, a difficult labor, etc.).”

Just like everything else in life, some things are out of our control. However, with smart preparation, you can “stack the deck in your favor” and increase your chances of having an easier pregnancy, easier birth, and easier recovery. So, we encourage you step into intentional action and support your body in every way you can.

Myth 2

“Keep exercising like normal. Just make some modifications.”

Pregnancy is a uniquely challenging experience that requires uniquely specific preparation. And while your normal exercise routine might help you stay in shape during your pregnancy, it also might affect your alignment, your muscle tension, and your physical stress-levels in ways you’re unaware of. With One Strong Mama, we help women specifically strengthen their bodies for the one-of-a-kind challenges of pregnancy and birth. We also want to help you avoid exercise that might tax your body, create tension in areas that should remain flexible during pregnancy, or create hyper-flexibility in areas of your body that should remain stable and supported. Just like you’d train for a marathon with a marathon-specific plan, you should train pregnancy with a pregnancy-specific plan.

Myth 3

“You can’t have a healthy birth without _____________.”

You know what? We’re all strong, and we’re all doing the best we can with what we’ve got. So it’s time for the judgment and comparison to end. Just because your vegan friend had an amazing birth experience doesn’t mean you have to switch to a plant-based diet. Just because your sister-in-law swears by prenatal acupuncture doesn’t mean you have to go under the needle. Just because your neighbor is planning a VBAC doesn’t mean you need to try for one too. We all have unique bodies with unique needs, and there’s no right-with-a-capital-R path to a healthy pregnancy or birth. No matter how you choose to prepare for your birth, or how you plan to give birth, we’re in your corner.

I'm so grateful for the One Strong Mama program, it helped make my 3rd pregnancy the most comfortable yet. This program helped me find ways to prevent further diastasis recti that I had experienced before, as well as find ways to adjust daily movements practices to continue to feel strong all the way through birth and postpartum. As a prenatal yoga instructor and social worker, I appreciated Lindsay and Lauren's focus on mindful movement, alignment, as well as their inclusiveness of all the ways we give birth.

Margot Strahl

One Strong Mama

With One Strong Mama, you’ll be equipped to prepare for all of the challenges
of pregnancy with confidence, strength, and calm.

You’ll feel completely ready to handle the parts of pregnancy that feel hard or overwhelming. Running a marathon takes effort no matter what, but with the right training and mindset it feels doable. Likewise, you can navigate pregnancy with the grounded confidence that comes with smart preparation.

You’ll be empowered to avoid, prevent, or manage common pregnancy-related injuries. From diastasis recti to back pain, you’ll have what you need to heal these issues or bypass them altogether.

You don’t have to cross your fingers and hope that you’re strong enough to make it through your birth. You’ll feel in tune with your strong body and the entire birth process, and you’ll have the tools you need to approach each moment with grace instead of fear.

Ready to feel stronger than ever before?


Here’s what our happy clients say…

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